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LG G5 H840 H850 Charging Port Flex Cable

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Standard: Brand: LG G5 Replacement Parts
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Charging Port Flex Cable for LG G5 H840 H850 Cell Phone Parts


1:High quality and original Charging Port Flex Cable for LG G5 H840 H850 Mobile Phone..

2:It is used to replace your broken, damaged or unusable LG G5 H840 H850 Mobile Phone.

3:Buy the new LG G5 H840 H850 Mobile Phone repair parts from Shenzhen Topmind at wholesale price.

4:Each item has been checked and in good condition before shipping. 

Compatible with:

LG G5 H840 H850 Mobile Phone Parts.


Package includes:

Charging Port Flex Cable for LG G5 H840 H850 Mobile Phone Parts