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Payment Confirmation

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Payment Confirmation


1. How long does it take to confirm an order?
    All payment will go through instantly on PayPal unless you use E-check which takes 5-10 days to be cleared. Western Union senders wait until the money is collected by Mobile198. As for payment made by bank transfer, Mobile198 confirm the order on receiving bank’s notice. Buyers have to wait about 3 to 12 days for confirmation.

2. What are the currency and the corresponding exchange rate?
The currency on Mobile198 is US Dollar. The exchange rate varies with the payment terms you use. PayPal has its own exchange of rate. Money sent by Western Union will be exchanged according to the exchange rate of the day when it is collected. Bank transferred payment will be exchanged by Bank of China and the rate is subject to standards.

3. If the payment has not been confirmed, what should buyer do?
It depends on how a buyer pays. Payment made by Paypal except for E-check takes 24 hours to be confirmed, E-check 5-10 days, Western Union 4 days and Bank Transfer takes 3-12 days.
For PayPal users, they can send Mobile198 the transaction ID to help confirmation. For other payment terms, Mobile198 sends buyers emails if errors occur. Buyers can also contact us for details.

4. Why Mobile198 sends me emails about unpaid orders after I have paid, or other emails of same problem? 
Order status in email might go against with the correct status due to the delay of email delivery. You make an order and pay at once, but you receive the mail about making order successfully 15 minutes later. 

5. What should buyers do if they did not give full payment or paid more?
    If you pay extra, we will contact you and you decide whether to have the extra refunded or kept for your next order.