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Product Inquiry

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Product Inquiry


1) Do I need to ask sellers questions about the products before ordering?
Before paying an order, we recommend buyers to inquire more detailed information on the products such as size, color, available quantity, price etc to avoid any misunderstanding. For custom made items, like ring size, communication on specific requirements, delivery time and progress is essential.

2) How to add items into the cart and delete them?
On every page of available items, you can see Add to Cart button. To add something to your cart does not mean you have to buy it and you can remove it from your cart list. When you check your cart, there will be Remove option after the amount.

3) How to leave your requirements to Mobile198?
Once you add an item to your cart, you will be asked to leave your specific requirements of the order. Also you can communicate with us by other tools such as email to let us know your request.